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Contortionist Proffesional - Naryussu The Thief by ShadowInkWarrior Contortionist Proffesional - Naryussu The Thief by ShadowInkWarrior
So i decided to re-do my character Naryssu a little bit. A contortionist dancer as you can see. God the pose was hard, even with a ref D:

Anyway i didn't change THAT much about her. Her outfit just got rid of the details, and became plain black though i added in more jewelry. This isnt her thief outfit though, just her performer one. Her hair got cut, and her skin tone is a tad lighter.

Some background info:

Name: Naryssu Ida'hal

Age: 25

Height: 5.6

Weight: 67 kilo's.

Naryssu was born and raised in a small town in the middle of the arabian desert. Her mother died of a fever, thus she became the woman in the house at a young age of 8. Her dad made her do most stuff, while he would run a shop out in the street himself. She practiced her mothers arts, which was a contortionist dancer, and her dad seeing her talent, sold her at the age of 16 to the royal palace. He had never cared much for his daughter anyway, and she brought in a good price. There, she was placed in the princes harem, along with some other younger and older woman, and it is also the place where she lost her virginity at the age of 17 at the prince himself, whom wanted a pure young girl. He wasnt ugly, and the prince was not that old, around 22, but it still left a hatred for men in Naryssu her nature.

Often knights would come by to 'rest' themself in the place, which caused her to having take proper care of them. She later escaped with some other woman from the hellish place, where she lived on the street for a while. There she continued to stay, practicing her thievery and becoming a powerfull wielder of the spear and two scimitars.

Now, she travels the world, to perform her act and earn money in inns, so she can stay for a short while, before moving on again, out to see the world, and perhaps one day find her own place to live peacefully.

She's set in a fantasy world, so there's lotf of different species. ( orcs, dragons etc )
Dayahya Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful! :D
DarkPhantom369 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013
I like her,she's cool,awesome, n very talented......I don't like her dad,,sell her puh!......Great work tho ^^
ThunderWolfang Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now that's cool! X3
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October 20, 2013
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